Jul 19, 2012
Collapsing Space
Kuedo - Work, Live & Sleep In Collapsing Space (Original Mix) [Hyperdub]
Kuedo - Work, Live & Sleep In Collapsing Space (Laurel Halo Remix) [Hyperdub]
Kuedo - Work, Live & Sleep In Collapsing Space (Claude Speed's Infinity Ultra Rework) [Hyperdub]

Kuedo’s Severant was one of the most critically acclaimed albums of 2011, meshing cutting-edge sonics with a penchant for ’80s throwback synths and vintage ambient atmospheres. Work, Live & Sleep In Collapsing Space is the eagerly awaited postscript, and it sees Kuedo plunging headlong into a chaotic whirlpool of interstellar arpeggios and skittering drums. Factor in the two unmissable remixes from hipster darling Laurel Halo and a mysterious producer known as Claude Speed, and it should be plain to see that this is nigh on essential for fans of last year’s LP as well as just about anyone else who likes good music.

Work, Live & Sleep In Collapsing Space opens in exactly the way it means to go on, with richly textured synths that could have been lifted right out of Tangerine Dream’s Force Majeure built on a framework of hurtling juke snare trills. Hyperdub’s newest signing Laurel Halo plumbs the depths with her version, turning all that furious sci-fi energy inwards and transforming the track into a murky astral swamp. Claude Speed’s “Infinity Ultra Rework” eschews subtlety and plays almost as a direct homage to the electronic pioneers Kuedo’s work channels. All told, this is one of the best releases of the year so far, and the artwork (above) isn’t bad either.

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