Apr 22, 2015
Coachella’s ‘Disco Shark’ Saves Real-Life Sharks

Coachella’s most underrated headliner, an eight-foot disco ball shark suspended above the Yuma Tent’s darkened dance floor, is now the integral player in efforts to raise awareness of the endangered ocean species.

A GoFundMe campaign was started around artist Kevin McHugh’s Disco Shark to raise $20,000 dollars for ocean conservation groups Oceana and Shark Team One. The money raised will help minimize shark finning around the globe and protect an animal that is nearing extinction. Donors will receive miniature replicas of the Yuma Tent original ranging from a $25 key chain up to a $15,000 twin sculpture.

McHugh told Thump that he had heard about illegal shark finning, “but my call to arms was reading a National Geographic report in 2013 that said 100 million sharks a year were being killed in this horrific way.”

Disco Shark has called the Yuma Tent its home for the past two Coachellas where it sees its off-season carried out at LA’s Sound Nightclub. You can contribute to the GoFundMe campaign here.

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