Oct 01, 2015
Coachella Promoters Look To Throw Festival In Queens, New York

New York might be getting its own Coachella-sized festival soon, and the masterminds behind the desert behemoth AEG Live are looking to call the festival Panorama.

The hope is to throw the large-scale festival in the space encircling the Unisphere in Queens (pictured) next June, but most of the news surrounding the event is currently hazy. Sources claim that AEG has already begun mobilizing musical acts with a tentative date that would fall only two weeks after NYC’s Governor’s Ball, potentially deterring fans away from that festival and to Panorama.

There is no doubt that Coachella has enjoyed massive success over the years, even ballooning to a double weekend affair, but can the Queens borough handle something that size? The last Queens event to rival the size of the proposed fest was the now defunct 1964 World’s Fair. Camping might be out of the question, plus throwing any event on city property always comes with added restrictions, but we will continue to report details as we learn more.

To see what other festivals AEG Live throws, including Stagecoach, Bumbershoot, and more, head to their website here.

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