Sep 08, 2014
Club Cheval’s Sam Tiba Throws His Spin On Illangelo’s ‘Clockwork’
Illangelo - Clockwork (Sam Tiba remix) [Bromance]

Brodinski‘s label Bromance Records is known for keeping a tight crew, and their latest release, a Sam Tiba remix of Illangelo’s Clockwork, follows that same ethos.

Tiba takes a break from his production quartet, Club Cheval, to take a crack at his labelmate Illangelo’s original for a bass-heavy reinterpretation. A set of morphed vocals and drum machine skews go a long way for Tiba as he manages to completely transform Clockwork with a mood-shifting makeover. If you’re looking for something to make your subwoofers quake, this is the tune.

You can score Tiba’s remix of Clockwork upon its official release Sept. 15, available for pre-order now on iTunes.

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