Apr 02, 2014
Classixx Weave Complex Tragedy In ‘Stranger Love’ Video

LA duo Classixx and The American Standard Film Co. teamed up for a simultaneously whimsical and sorrowful official video for Stranger Love.

We’re introduced to an old man and a young girl who, despite having something heavy on her mind, shows a palpable desire to go–somewhere, anywhere. So she enlists her closest friend, and the two romp around LA seemingly cleared of citizens for their once-in-a-childhood experience of tearing from one public place to the next without restrictions like age, or more important to our narrative, time.

Meanwhile, abuelo is worried for his niña, and for a reason far more serious than his little girl sneaking out after dark.

Just as the pair’s shared moment of connection and wonder reaches its peak at sunrise, a dark metaphor for the sobering reality of the young girl’s deteriorating health spills into the picturesque landscape like blood into water–a gorgeous and moving visual accompaniment to the somber tune, directed by Jordan Michael Blake.

Watch below, and pick up Stranger Love along with the rest of Classixx’ 2013 album Hanging Gardens here.

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