Jul 28, 2015
Claptone Shares ‘Puppet Theatre’ & Debut Album Details
Claptone feat. Peter Björn and John - Puppet Theatre (Original Mix) [Different]

Golden-beaked mystery producer Claptone (pictured) has released Puppet Theatre, a quirky collaboration made with Swedish indie rockers Peter Björn and John, and revealed that he’s preparing to drop his first album Charmer.

The track release comes as a surprise since Peter Björn and John’s last album Gimme Some dates back to 2011, leading to fans to believe that the group had taken a musical hiatus. Puppet Theatre features band member Peter Morén’s iconic relaxed voice slung over uncomplicated piano chords and a driving bassline. It’s a perfect stylistic marriage between two groups that are known for their slightly unconventional interpretation of popular sounds–Claptone with his take on house and Peter Björn and John with indie rock.

With the track release comes news of Claptone’s first long-form effort, Charmer. The album will be released Oct. 15 via Different and will include his previously released hits No Eyes and Ghost, which you can listen to on his SoundCloud here.

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