Nov 25, 2011
Chuckie Drops Some Mashups
Example vs Antoine Clamaran - Changed The Tribe (Chuckie Mashup)
Avicii vs Edward Maya - Stereo Levels (Chuckie Mashup)

With a brand new album on the horizon, Dirty Dutch maestro Chuckie has got a lot to look forward to in the coming months. No doubt his album is going to cause quite a stir, just as he has throughout 2011. But, until the album drops, Chuckie has released a few great mashups into the world to hold us over for the wait. The first is a high-energy mashup that pits Example against Antoine Clamaran. Changed The Tribe has everything you could ask for in a proper dancefloor tune–sleek vocals, crazy buildups, and booty-on-crotch tribal drums.

The second mashup includes Avicii’s Levels and singer Edward Maya’s Stereo Love. Most Levels mashups I’ve heard thus far have basically been layering of less-than-amazing vocals on top of the stellar jam, but this one actually works. Chuckie actually put effort into combining two songs into one, and his hard work shows with the end result. Hats off to you, Chuckie.

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