Mar 05, 2012
Chuckie Changes the Way
Example - Changed The Way You Kiss Me (Chuckie Remix)

Back in the spring of 2011, Ministry of Sound superstar Example dropped his fan-favorite tune called Changed The Way You Kiss Me along with two remixes. Both remixes received a fair amount of attention, with the dubstep remix by Mensah grabbing well over 2 million views on UKF Dubstep’s YouTube channel. Then in the fall of last year, Chuckie, alongside Antoine Clamaran, decided to give the tune some more attention with a well-received mashup. Now Dutch bad boy Chuckie drops his fully remixed version of the tune without so much as a mention on his Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media outlet. Actually, the tune only gained notoriety when Chuckie dropped it in a few of his mixed DJ sets with no official confirmation of what it was or when it would see an official release.

Dubbed as a “Dance Music Producer of the Moment” by Rolling Stone, Chuckie has been a pervasive force in the house music scene for the last two years, and this remix is a clear reason why. Chuckie’s vesion of Changed the Way You Kissed Me has the big room sound associated with typical Dutch progressive house. With an incredibly danceable chord progression, this tune would most certainly be filed next to SHM’s One at the local record store. Add to that Example’s seductive lyrics layered on top of Chuckie’s indomitable 4-on-the-floor bass, and party-goers will be clamoring over this tune for months to come!

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