Sep 30, 2014
Napoleon Dynamite Starts A Brawl In Chromeo’s ‘Old 45’s’ Video

Chromeo continues a streak of superb music videos with their star-studded segment for Old 45’s, the latest single from their 2014 White Women album.

Funk Lordz Dave 1 and P-Thugg pick up where they left off in Jealous–with a newly married P-Thug pulling up to a roadside diner with his new bride. A funky fiasco ensues as Dave 1 starts up the jukebox full of “old 45’s” to get the party going. Jon Heder, better known as Napoleon Dynamite, appears in a more modern Napoleon garb as he attempts to win P-Thuggs wife away from him. Like Swayze in Roadhouse, Heder incites an all-out bar riot that sees the pool cue-wielding members of Haim getting involved and showing no mercy to anyone who gets in their way.

Watch the madness below. White Women is available to download on Beatport here.