Oct 13, 2015
Chrome Sparks Goes All-Out Analog On ‘Moonraker’
Chrome Sparks - Moonraker (Original Mix)

Chrome Sparks releases the first taste of his upcoming album, Parallelism, with an fabulously dainty little number by the name of Moonraker.

My homie Chromey is a truly ingenious guy, and here’s why: his releases always diversify enough so that they are interesting to listen to–mesmerising in fact, but it’s always so obviously him. His style is unmistakable. Possibly the coolest part of this tune, though, has got to be the use of so many classic analog instruments. Moonraker takes you on board and flies you round the planet Orbital, the Jean Michelle Jarre nebula and of course the Kraftwerk supernova. I really hope the album stays akin to the first teaser, but deep down, I know we won’t be let down.

Chrome Sparks’ Parallelism album is out Nov. 13 on Future Classic.

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