Dec 30, 2013
Christian Drost’s Sound Follows Me, Follows You
Christian Drost - Follow Me, Follow You (Original Mix) [Discover]

If you love solid uplifting trance, then you can’t go wrong with Discover. As a veteran label on the scene, they’ve kept their style constant–uplifting and euphoric, not so much following the trend as setting it. Along the way, they attract some of the most talented new names on the scene, producers such as Christian Drost. He may not be one of the biggest names in EDM, but he’s kicking out productions that could put the superstars to shame.

His latest track is Follow Me, Follow You, another enlightening testament to the power of uplifting trance. It’s full of massive saw riffs–bright, airy, happy, and yet filled with powerful emotion and slightly somber chord sequences. For the tech heads, it’s another reason to put the JP8000 up there with the Fender Strat. For the music lovers, it’s another reason to sing the praises of uplifting trance as a genre that remains constant without ever becoming mediocre or jaded.

Follow Me, Follow You is out now, so support the future of trance as you support the past, and grab it now on Beatport.

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