Jul 08, 2010
Chillin' In a Safehouse
Boards of Canada - Alpha and Omega

Sweet, sexy, spliced female vocals; I cant get enough of ‘em. Luckily I’ve got Pariah to feed my craving with a nice drum’n’bassy minimal joyride called Crossed Out off his new EP, Safehouses. This latest EP, released on R&S, showcases his breadth and versatility, with beats and sounds ranging from 2step to hip hop with dashes of electro and techno thrown in for good measure. Then of course there are the sweet, sweet vocals. Mmmmmm. Delicious. But what added extra weight to these vocals in particular was Pariah’s explanation of his use of vocals in general:

For me, vocals are an essential part of the music I make. Pretty much all of my favourite dance tunes use vocals in them. It’s not a particularly profound thing to say but, for me, the use of vocals really adds to the emotional weight of a tune. It gives the tune a hook, something memorable, something human.

Quite particularly profound, if you ask me.

Though he’s Scottish born and raised, Pariah (aka Arthur Cayzer), has been based out of London for the past 4 years. Given how absolutely huge dubstep and drum’n’bass are across the pond, it’s not too surprising that his work is infused with elements from these genres. He’s only been in the game a little over a year but his work sure doesn’t sound like it. He draws on inspiration from such artists as Boards of Canada and ‘Selected Ambient Works’-era Aphex Twin, both of which are definitely worth checking out if you aren’t familiar. Actually, I’m gonna throw in a sample track for good measure down below. Have a listen to get an idea of how certain sounds can be creatively combined to form great new tracks. For a similar sound, also check out The Shrew Would Have Cushioned The Blow by Joy Orbison, which we covered a little ways back.

Any Boards of Canada fans out there? Like this track? Tasty vocals make you hungry, you say? Hit up the comments.

EDIT: Pariah kindly requested that we take the track down for now. But we’ll be putting it back up after it’s been promo’d so stay tuned!

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