Oct 11, 2011
Chill Wizard
Vin Sol - Despacio (Original Mix)
The Weeknd - What You Need (Vin Sol & Charles McCloud Remix)

The fall season is officially here, and that means people are changing out of their scantily tailored rave attire and into something warmer and cozier. With that change in fashion comes a change in music–something quieter to chill and vibe to. Today’s artist is one such master of chill. San Francisco’s Vin Sol has delivered a laid back house groove that’ll turn your heart rate down a few BPM.

Despacio (Spanish for “slowly”) is a slick tune if I ever heard one. The appropriately-named track brings together soft vocal harmonies and stylish claps and kicks for a clean, sophisticated sound. My favorite part is actually towards the end, when simplicity takes its course with an outro of kicks and one single, hanging note. For another chill groove, check out Vin Sol’s collaboration remix with Charles McCloud on R&B group The Weekend’s What You Need. It’s a total overwork of the original with all of the sensuality intact. Finally, be sure to check out Vin Sol’s latest mixtape, WIZARD H.O.U.S.E. 4. It’s made it to the high point of my list of mixes for the year. Chill out, man.

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