Jan 09, 2014
Kick Back With Johan Vilborg’s ‘Mai Tai’
Johan Vilborg - Mai Tai (Original Mix) [Enchanced Progressive]

The recent trend of “big room” trance tends to be the result of uplifting trance crossing over into prog house. But what if you keep the same basic style and make things a little more chilled out? The answer comes from Swedish producer Johan Vilborg, who made a name for himself in 2013 and is continuing the trend with his latest release on Enhanced Progressive.

Mai Tai is defined by some big, stabby supersaws and some driving percussion, very much the essence of big room trance, but things are a little more subtle. The chord stabs have a softer edge, the percussion–while still full of energy–is not designed to blast your face off. There are no screaming builds and massive drops, as Mai Tai is essentially prog trance–chilled, driving and emotional. Yet, while taking the essence of big room in the arrangement may seem odd, this is genre mashing as it’s supposed to be, and it works amazingly well.

Mai Tai is out now on Beatport and should be the start of another massive year for Johan Vilborg.

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