Jun 26, 2015
Chet Porter Remixes Ember Island’s ‘Where Are U Now’ Jack U Cover
Jack U - Where Are U Now (Ember Island Cover) (Chet Porter Remix) [Free Download]

Moving Castle Collective member Chet Porter has just released a refreshingly soulful take on Ember Island’s (pictured) own gorgeous cover of Jack U’s runaway hit Where Are U Now.

Featuring the soft and soothing vocals of Ember Island instead of Justin Bieber, Chet’s song builds around bright major chord synths and rapid-fire drums before finally delivering a trilling melody. The feel here can be best described as ambient electro, “8-bit rhythm and blues,” or in the words of Chet Porter’s own Facebook page, music to “ride a bike or pet dogs to.”

Grab this fanciful and well-executed remix here.

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