Apr 17, 2014
Chet Faker Takes Us Back To ‘ 1998 ‘

Rising Melbourne talent Chet Faker has released a video for his mopey new single 1998, from his excellent debut album Built On Glass.

Faker has emerged as one of those rare talents who excels as both producer and singer/songwriter. The sounds and textures of 1998 are clearly indebted to house music, from the syncopated synth stabs to the 909 percussion, but what Faker is doing here has much more in common with the work of earlier electronic/R&B crossover pioneers like James Blake. Indeed, the shadow of Blake looms large over Faker’s work, but he manages to carve out a singular space for himself by leaning more heavily on his skilled dance-pop chops.

The video for 1998 is equal parts playful, colorful, and lonely–in other words, it’s the perfect visual accompaniment to Faker’s music. Check it out below. Built On Glass is out this week on iTunes via Downtown Records.