Oct 02, 2013
Chase & Status Preview ‘Brand New Machine’

Chase & Status dropped previews of every single track off their diverse forthcoming album Brand New Machine today on their YouTube channel, complete with a sweet visualizer.

We kick off with Gun Metal Grey, a trap tune with an extremely tough sound and ominous piano and bass structure. International sounds ready to deliver some booty music at trap tempo, complete with a rumbling bass drum.

Count On Me, for which we saw a video recently, is the album’s first foray into their native tongue of D&B, and Blk & Blu featuring Ed Thomas is more of a mellowed-out tune.

The fifth track, Pressure, brings on the talents of Major Lazer for a chilled-out moombah groove meant to raise blood pressure. Next, Pusha T steps to the mic for another bass-driven, future-trap banger in Machine Gun, and Knytro takes over the vocals for Gangsta Boogie, making the midsection of the album the most gangster by far.

The album slows down a bit after that with Heaven Knows, the gorgeous, vocal D&B anthem in Lost & Not Found, and the slow-moving, breakbeat-flavored Like That.

We amp back up slightly for the quite groovy nu disco of Deeper Devotion, and the taut, tightly wound D&B in Breathing.

Nile Rodgers brings us home with his contribution to the album, What Is Right, featuring the vocals of Abigail Wyles. Finally, Alive finishes the album out on a high-energy note, sporting classic those C&S D&B vibes.

Brand New Machine hits digital shelves Oct. 7, so don’t miss it. Preorder here, or reserve a deluxe version, featuring four extra tracks, including a “C&S vs. Skrillex VIP” of International and an Andy C remix of Count On Me. Check out both tracklists below.

Brand New Machine Tracklisting
1. Gun Metal Grey
2. International
3. Count On Me (Featuring Moko)
4. Blackest Blue (Featuring Ed Thomas)
5. Pressure (Featuring Major Lazer)
6. Machine Gun (Featuring Pusha T)
7. Gangsta Boogie (Featuring Knytro)
8. Heaven Knows (Featuring Elli Ingram)
9. Lost and Found (Featuring Louis M^tters)
10. Like That (Featuring Moko)
11. Deeper Devotion
12. Breathing (Featuring Bo Saris)
13. What Is Right (Featuring Nile Rodgers & Abigail Wyles)
14. Alive (Featuring Jacob Banks)

iTunes Edition Bonus Tracks:

15. International VIP (C&S vs Skrillex)
16. Gangsta Boogie VIP (Featuring Knytro)
17. Wickedest Man (Featuring Riko)
18. Count On Me (Andy C Remix)

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