Dec 20, 2010
Chase & Status Give Us Drama
Chase & Status feat Liam Bailey - Blind Faith (Original Mix)

UK dubstep/dnb producers Chase & Status may be going on a musical ride unlike any they have gone in the seven years of their existence. Despite the fact that every legit dubstep producer of the past few years is a prayer away from superstardom at this point, Chase & Status have already been doing some pretty big things, including work with Rihanna on her Rated R album, and now it’s being rumored that they’re going to be working with Britney. The future is bright for Saul Milton and Will Kennard.

Their most recent production, Blind Faith, is some incredibly epic, almost cinematic dubstep that is sure to be getting heavy spinnage from the likes of acts like Nero, who have a bit of a penchant for the dramatic sounds found in this track. The reggae-like verses are the chilled out barriers that hold in a mindblowing chorus. Absent of wob but not absent in power, reverberating vocals reminiscent of Good Vibrations and sweeping string arrangements a la Bittersweet Symphony make for a track that will not soon be forgotten.

I admittedly don’t post a lot of dubstep/dnb, because most of my musical allegiances in EDM still lie in 4/4-land. I have become a much bigger fan than I was in the past, though, so expect to see a little more breakbeat-ish type stuff from me in the future. Especially if tracks like Blind Faith keep coming at us.

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