Jul 19, 2013
Charles Murdoch & Oscar Key Sung’s Soulful ‘Dekire’
Charles Murdoch ft. Oscar Key Sung - Dekire (Original Mix) [Future Classic]

Charles Murdoch’s downtempo IDM style seems indebted both to pioneers like Boards Of Canada as well as today’s new class of future-bass beat purveyors, so it’s no wonder that he’s been getting nods from the likes of Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Nicolas Jaar, and Shlohmo for his forward-thinking productions.

Dekire takes the smooth sizzle of Murdoch’s earlier original tracks and layers plaintive, ephemeral vocals from fellow Aussie Oscar Key Sung on top for a hauntingly beautiful track that greatly rewards repeat listens. It might not get many feet moving on the dancefloor, but if you happen to find yourself back at your apartment in the wee morning hours with that P.Y.T. you met at the club, this is most definitely the song to queue up.

The song is the first single from Murdoch’s upcoming Weathered Straight EP, expected in August via Future Classic. Be sure to check out the gorgeous video for Dekire below.

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