Sep 06, 2011
Chaotic Alliance
The Chaotic Good feat The Manor - WYLA (Original Mix)
The Chaotic Good & Orville Kline feat Elizabeth Inure - DAYM (Original Mix)

Breaks, breaks, breaks! The Chaotic Good is back and is harder than ever. Jake Carpenter has seriously amped up his productions from his last releases, this time showcasing his own unique take on breakbeat with a surprising blend of dubstep. TCG played last month at our very own event in San Diego, and I, and I think everyone else there, was quite impressed by his overall sound. It’s not too often that breaks are seen in SoCal, and it was a welcomed breath of fresh air in an area dominated by electro house and dubstep. But onto the news–TCG’s new EP, Alliance marks an evolution in the TCG sound. It maintains the same core of what made it great in the first place, but makes everything more, how should I say this…epic. You’ll see what I mean when you get into the tracks. Make sure you download it for free right here, and if you dig the beats, then make sure to check out TCG on tour soon.

Right off the bat, WYLA smacks you with wobbles over a breakbeat rhythm. I’ve never heard this kind of break-dub before. It’s a sort of fusion of TCG’s old stuff with glitchy, Porter-like beats. Tha Manor’s flow also adds swag to the song, consolidating its legitimacy as a club banger. DAYM with Orville Kline and singer Elizabeth Inure, is also a rocket of a track. The vocals, fitted into a robotic tone, accompany the thrashing sounds of the electro synth very nicely. If you’re digging the EP, then make sure to check out the TCG on tour soon.

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