Nov 03, 2013
Change Releases The Three Phases of Matter
Change - Gas (Original Mix) [Techibeats]
Change feat. Jeff Sontag - Liquid (Original Mix) [Techibeats]
Change - Solid (Original Mix) [Techibeats]

Virginia has always been known as the state for lovers, and with producers like Timbaland, The Neptunes, and now fledgling EDM producer Change calling it home, it may well become known as a state for music producers too. After moving to the Old Dominion state from sunny California four years ago, Change set out to make a name for himself in the electronic music scene, releasing several promising mashups, eventually finding his way to electro house. Taking influence from the likes of Girl Talk and Super Mash Bros, the rising producer takes another creative step forward with his brand new Matter EP out via Techibeats Records. Matter is a brew of dancefloor vibes, laden with a vast amount of musicality and sonic flair.

The Matter EP, appropriately named for its track names (Gas, Solid, and Liquid), kicks off with the electro-fueled smasher Gas. Gas begins with a spacious melody, seeped in reverb, and eventually segues into a complextro verse filled with pulsing harmonies and growling synths. The up-front composition and arrangement of Gas makes it perfect peak-time DJ ammunition. The next track on the EP called Liquid brings along guest producer Jeff Sontag, and features more of the same uplifting, electro flavor of Gas. Change ratchets up the musicality quotient on this tune by incorporating several scaling melodies and striking harmonic stabs. Finally, the EP wraps up with proper dose of formant synthetics and resonant effects with the energetic workout called Solid. Click here to head over to Beatport to pick up a copy of Matter.

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