May 19, 2014
Celebrate Le Youth’s ‘Birthday’ Remix
Katy Perry - Birthday (Le Youth Remix)

Master of throwback R&B sound Le Youth decided to take on the pop scene for his latest release, an infectious house remix of Katy Perry’s chart-topping Birthday that has even Katy herself dancing.

Le Youth (aka Wes James) takes Perry’s pop tune and layers it with a bouncy beat and pulsing synths, giving the track a more dynamic feel. The LA-based producer plays with the original vocals, using an echo effect to match Perry’s voice with the beat and even adding in robotic sound bites to give his spin a refreshing funky edge.

Katy Perry showed the remix some Twitter love on Friday, further endorsing Wes James’ standing as one of the year’s hottest young producers. No word on a release date for the track, but in the meantime, check out more from Le Youth on SoundCloud.

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