Jul 19, 2011
Caught in the Downpour
Adele - Set Fire to the Rain (Thomas Gold Remix)

Adele’s had a few sweet remixes in recent days, and why wouldn’t she? Rolling in the Deep was recently touted as the most successful crossover single of the last 25 years, getting airplay on everything from Top 40 radio to latin and dance circuits. None of the remixes had really done it for me, personally, until I heard uplifting house master Thomas Gold’s remix of her track Set Fire to the Rain.

Thomas Gold has already been on my list to watch with his larger-than-life percussive house sounds being right up my alley. His remix of Set Fire to the Rain, however, is the best thing I have heard from the German DJ/producer yet. The combination of deep emotion, techy rhythms, and uplifting house sounds are simply stunning to listen to. From the teched out intro into the piano buildup under Adele’s incredible lyrics, you’ll almost feel as if you’re about to burst before you even hear the drop. Then comes the drop with Adele’s echoing voice over an absolutely enormous symphony of synth and piano–you’re likely to not be left standing. I can’t even think of a place large enough that is suitable for the dropping of this track; the top of a mountain range, perhaps? Nevertheless, get ready for a track that touches both the heart and gets you moving.

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