Oct 11, 2012
Catz 'N Dogz Get Physical
Zack Toms' Parade - Get Up Everybody (Catz 'n Dogz Body Language Remix) [Get Physical]
Till Von Sein feat Jon Hester - Out Of Love (Chez Damier & Bosco Dub-SLG Body Language Edit) [Get Physical]
El_Txef_A - In (Original Mix) [Get Physical]

When Get Physical approached Catz ‘n Dogz about mixing the 12th installment of Body Language, the answer was an immediate “yes.” Since the duo’s inception as 3 Channels, Catz ‘n Dogz have experienced a meteoric rise in the house scene with subsequent releases under Mothership, dirtybird, Get Physical, and their own Pets label. When I sat down with Greg and Voitek ahead of their Verboten show in NYC, they explained that they approached the compilation far different than a live set; the mix was planned track by track, with the big picture in mind and the duo’s vision and talent as the glue to blend it together.

The cover of Body Language depicts Greg and Voitek with heads split open to reveal the colorful layers inside, musical pieces of an evolving puzzle. The mix starts in lounge territory with warm tones; Catz ‘n Dogz’ remix of Soul Clap & Mel Blatt’s Ecstasy and Safeword’s Let Go set a sultry mood that persists throughout. It quickly moves into the garage, rumbling basslines steering a course that alternates between old- and new-school house vibes. Many know Catz ‘n Dogz for their booty bass sound, but even the bouncier tracks maintain a spacy quality that lends extra depth and emotion. Breaks and dub are also well-represented; the former as a transition into silly fun, the latter to strengthen a melancholy conclusion to the mix.

Though the genres may vary, Body Language 12 is incredibly coherent. The versatility stems from their clubbing years spent in Poland just 15 minutes from the German border, listening to countless Berlin DJs and prominent collectives like Family Groove. Old influences in the mix are evident with remastered tracks such as J. Antoni’s Lost and Schatrax’s Mispent Years making the cut, even though the original vinyl records were used to the point that they were unplayable. Greg and Voitek are also happy to include new Polish artists; Chmara Winter and SLG provide some of the highlights of the mix.

With the compilation complete and a heavy touring schedule underway, there is no stopping in sight for Catz ‘n Dogz. The duo’s got a compilation coming out on Pets in March called Friends Will Carry You Home, Too, and plan to get into their new Berlin studio for a full length album once they get a few weeks free from traveling. But they’re not worried about all the work because they’re down to have as much fun as possible. When asked what song they’d listen to before the world ends, Greg responded with the theme from Benny Hill, “because that’s life”; it’s silly and then you die, so enjoy it while you can. It’s fun, it’s unique, it’s personal…it’s undeniably Catz ‘n Dogz. Find the full mix at Beatport.

Photo credit: Oliver Correa for HiFiCartel.com

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