Nov 17, 2010
Cat On A Hot Tin Roof
Mikix The Cat - Girls (Original Mix) [Trouble & Bass]
Mikix The Cat - Deep Down (Original Mix) [Trouble & Bass]

There’s a new feline in Trouble & Bass-town, and he goes by the name of Mikix The Cat. Citing hip hop, classical, jazz, and the native music of Africa as some of his major influences, the French B boy-turned-producer has created a sound that is part tribal, part techno, and part electro house madness.

The first time I heard Mikix was when AC Slater dropped the track Girls in a recent mix, and I instantly fell in love with the broad, booming bass sounds with tribal accents, coupled with hard techno snare sounds and everyone’s favorite electro synths. This track is the most electro of the tracks I have heard of his; his others, including Deep Down, straddle the fence between techno and house a bit more. He really knows to make every single instrument and bassbeat evolve enough to where it makes the entire rhythm sound like it is evolving along with it. Get ready to drop it down low to these monsters.

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