Mar 15, 2013
Cassian Remixes Real Talk
Anna Lunoe & Touch Sensitive - Real Talk (Cassian Remix) [Future Classic]

Monster tune Real Talk by Anna Lunoe and Touch Sensitive barged its way to the top of the indie charts in 2012. Now a producer from down under named Cassian has stepped to the plate to deliver an impressive remix on Future Classic. Cassian has had releases on respectable labels such as Kitsuné and Defected In The House, as well as a lovely EP on Nurvous.

Taking an incredible original and adding your own ideas without compromising the track’s integrity is not an easy task. Cassian does this without any issues and manages puts a new face on this classic. The distinct elements that made Real Talk such a hit are maintained, but he still manages to explore new melodic ground. The low frequencies are pulled from the background to the foreground and beefed up, creating an evolving bass that keeps you guessing. Go grab this free download today.

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