Aug 25, 2015
Carl Cox Talks Retirement, Criticizes VIP Culture For Spoiling Ibiza

Legendary DJ Carl Cox has been in the game for over 30 years, and while he isn’t ready for retirement quite yet, he admits that it is on his mind.

In a candid interview with UK’s Daily Record, the 53-year-old revealed his plans for the future:

“I’ve been DJing 34 years straight. I’m working harder now than I ever have before. I still have the energy to do what I’m doing, but I’m still missing out on life, a girlfriend, a family and seeing my mum, my dad, my sisters and my niece… How long do I keep going for? I don’t want to be like the Rolling Stones, I don’t want to look like that. I believe at the end 
of the day you must have a balance in life… the travelling aspect is just really hard. DJing and staying up late is fine but the travelling is killing me. At the moment, I’m still having a really great time and things are going up and up.”

A long-time Ibiza favorite, Cox waxed nostalgic on the Spanish island’s older days and was critical of its recent commercialization.

“Many, many years ago this was just a tiny little place in Spain that not many people knew about. You could drive around, find a deserted part of the island and watch the sun go down on your own. What’s different now has to do with social media. Back in the day, you just relied on mail or someone told you about something. TV and especially Radio 1 in the past 20 years have put the place on the map and, of course, the DJs who play here.

“It’s not just me being old; Ibiza is spoilt now. You can go down to the Hard Rock Hotel and you’ve got Ushuaia with its high-end DJs, big bottle service tables and two-tier VIP areas. Everyone used to be together when they went out and on the same dancefloor.

“If you go to David Guetta at Pacha you’re going to be spending 85 euros entry, your drink will be between 15-20 euros and one drink is not going to last you all night. You used to be able to afford to make the most of your money on the island but now you need a lot to enjoy it… if you want to see Guetta or Eric Prydz, you’re going to pay to see them… this is what has changed the island from being its own entity to a commodity for everyone else to enjoy.”

For the full interview, which includes Cox’ plans for retirement, his favorite New York club, and more, click here.

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