Jun 04, 2014
Caribou Reveals ‘Can’t Do Without You’ From New LP ‘Our Love’
Caribou - Can't Do Without You (Original Mix) [Merge]

Experimental Canadian mathematician/musician Dan “Caribou” Snaith revealed the details of his next full-length album, Our Love, by way of the sizzling, hypnotic lead single Can’t Do Without You.

Our Love is Caribou’s first album since 2010’s incredible LP Swim, though it technically follows 2012’s Jiaolong from Snaith’s Daphni moniker. Can’t Do Without You feels like a logical extension of Jiaolong’s more straightforward, dancefloor-friendly tracks, though every corner is filled with that warm, inimitable glow found in all of the best Caribou songs. Snaith’s near-whispered vocals are balanced out by a deeper, pitch-shifted sample of the song’s titular mantra, which lures you into a blissful hypnosis as the synth backdrop gradually overpowers the mix.

Caribou’s Our Love is out Oct. 7 in the US via Merge Records. Pre-order on iTunes to download Can’t Do Without You today.


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