Feb 07, 2014
Cappa Regime’s Funky, Fresh & Free EP
Cappa Regime - Somebody, Somewhere [Play Me Free]
Cappa Regime - Dr. Feelgood [Play Me Free]

There’s no doubt that EDM is one of music’s most rapidly evolving scenes, with influential artists and sounds breaking out on a weekly basis. One of the bigger changes that seems to be happening is the acceptance of acts that drift from the cookie cutter mainstage formulas, instead incorporating a wider range of musical influences and theory. While most acts like this are yet to break into the real spotlight, it’s refreshing to see up-and-comers challenging themselves to do something not just different, but often times far more relatable.

One act on the cusp of this movement is Cappa Regime, a trio currently based out of California that seems set on infusing crunchy, club-filling electro with funky and Motown vibes from the ’70s. Live instruments, clever samples, and finely tuned composition give their tunes a vibe that is truly greater than the sum of its parts.

Their latest EP is out now on Play Me Free, a double-sided freebie known as Somebody, Somewhere. The title track is diverse and plain old fun, with a moody build that leads to a groovy and uplifting drop. Dr. Feelgood forgoes the ups and downs found in Somebody, Somewhere, supplying a five-minute, hands-in-the-air dance party. While these tracks might not result in the most death-defying or stroke-inducing drops, there’s something unquestionably refreshing about music that strives to be fun, and this EP hits the nail on the head.

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