Nov 12, 2014
Calvin Harris, Ellie Demo Dangers Of Domestic Abuse In ‘Outside’ Vid

Calvin Harris and ex-flame Ellie Goulding share footage of the aftermath of their recent public relationship in the official video for their collaborative Outside.

The vid documents that time when Goulding and Harris both moved to the middle of nowhere to be away from each other, only to realize they picked the very same trailer park for hiding out. By this time, both sides have found a brand new abusive relationship while living in the veritable Disneyland of domestic violence. But wait! Just as her psycho boyfriend is about to ram his bike into her head from down the street, Ellie learns how to levitate objects, saving herself from an unfortunate motorcycle “accident.”

By now, Calvin’s across the street gettin’ his ass beat by his chick when he notices something: “Hang on. Hang on. Enough with the glassware for one second… crazy b*tch… did that blonde girl outside just pick up a motorcycle?”

Then, Ellie’s all, “hell, yeah! I’m gonna go get ME some of that dude across the street, now that I don’t have to worry about catching a plate to the dome and all.”

Happy endings all around. Pick up Outside along with the rest of Harris’ Motion LP here.

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