Apr 29, 2015
‘Calvin Harris: The $100 Million DJ’ Bio To Hit A Bookstore Near You

From “stacking shelves in his local supermarket” to selling out concerts, modelling underwear for Armani, and starring in the upcoming Entourage movie, it’s been an incredible journey for Calvin Harris. In his upcoming biography, Calvin Harris: The $100 Million DJ, the world’s highest paid DJ wants to show the world how it happened.

Written by former The Sun reporter, Douglas Wight, whose previous works include a 2012 official biography of Leonardo DiCaprio, Calvin Harris: The $100 Million DJ will tell “the astonishing story of Calvin Harris’s journey from struggling musician to international star, revealing what makes him tick, why he has the Midas touch, how he went from being a lanky kid with little self-confidence to a modelling deal with Armani and how he became a global megastar.”

The book is expected to release October 21. Click here to pre-order it via Amazon.

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