Jul 28, 2011
Calvin Gets Up Close & Personal
Calvin Harris - Feel So Close (Nero Remix)
Calvin Harris - Feel So Close (Benny Benassi Remix)
Calvin Harris - Feel So Close (TABS Bootleg)

After releasing the bone-shattering Awooga and the delightfully colorful Bounce, Calvin Harris is just about ready to drop another bomb on the EDM world. His newest single Feel So Close, to be released on August 21st, is a lot closer to the nu disco tunes you might have enjoyed on his last album, Ready For The Weekend. You can check out the single in the official music video below while you wait for its official release. But in the meantime, we’ve got two seriously sick remixes and a beautiful bootleg to share with you.

My favorite remix of this Feel So Close is by everyone’s favorite dubstep duo, Nero. Wouldn’t you know it, this remix is just another great production to add to their already spectacular 2011 discography. In typical Nero fashion, they utilize grandiose synths and epic basslines to create a fantastic remix of an otherwise subdued tune. The godfather of electro house, Benny Benassi, is also throwing his hat in the ring with his electro/tech remix. He adds a much needed oomph to this track, making it a definite dancefloor banger that should serve as a great alternative to the original to those who are seeking some serious fist-pumping. Finally, a couple of underground DJs from Arizona have also crafted a beautiful progressive bootleg of the track. TABS have added a cosmic vibe to the track, employing progressive melodies and feel-good synth on top of the heart-warming lyrics. Definitely a great route to have gone with the vibe of the original. So, there you have it folks. I hope these three great reworks will hold you over until the original gets released next month.

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