Oct 14, 2013
Calling Time On Rossi’s ‘Paper Aeroplane’
Francesco Rossi - Paper Aeroplane (Clock Place Remix) [D Vision]

Francesco Rossi’s Paper Aeroplane has quite understandably been lauded with praise since it first surfaced back in the spring. A reworking of a folk song, it has been variously described as “tune of the summer” or “track of the season”, the latter in relation to its near constant play in Ibiza this year, it’s a chilled and groovy house track with a soulful vocal. Not surprisingly, it’s also received a number of remixes, the last of three packages seeing a release this week.

The triple-header sees a long awaited release of the Clock Place remix, for my money the stand out version of the track by quite some distance. The work of David Agrella and Nico De Ceglia, it’s a tech house spin on the original, which adds heaps of character and emotion to the vocal, giving it feeling that almost suggests this is what the track was meant to sound like–it certainly brings back the feeling of the original folk version. The bass is stunningly powerful on a big system, deep and very funky, helped along by little blips that add a wealth of character. It’s a fine example of production finesse–there’s pretty much just some simple percussion, the bass and the vocal, but it feels full and complex, with an enveloping sonic clarity nicely topped by some subtle hints of synth stabs and riffs.

With a hit track such as this, there comes a point, normally around this time of year, when you feel that more remixes and releases are pointless–allow the track to rest in people’s memories rather than milking it for all it’s worth. But this remix is a very clear exception to that rule. It would have been criminal not to release this and it’s been timed perfectly. Buy it now on Beatport, sit back, and reflect on what has been a fantastic summer for EDM.

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