Dec 02, 2013
Call Up Alexandre Bergheau
Alexandre Bergheau - Call Me Up (Original Mix) [Who's Afraid Of 138]

Armin’s Who’s Afraid Of 138 label has only been around since the summer and it’s already become a firm favorite for many an uplifting trance fan. Now label “veteran” Alexandre Bergheau returns with a solo follow up to his Andrew Rayel collab released back in August to end the year with a prime example of what makes the label so special.

Call Me Up is everything you’d expect–there’s a banging rhythm, a fast rolling bassline and some crazy synthwork. Then there’s a gentle break and the main riff kicks in. It’s then you realize what the point of the label is, because tracks like this are what make trance special. There may not be a big vocal hook everyone can sing along to, but that frantic and melodic lead synth is everything that got so many people into trance in the first place–it has emotion behind it, and you don’t need a deep and meaningful lyrical story if you know how to write a good melody.

There is more uplifting trance out there than ever at the moment, but labels like Who’s Afraid Of 138 still serve their purpose as an excellent filter. It always makes me smile that only half their releases to date are actually at 138bpm, this being one of them, but that’s not the point. The point is bringing some great music to the masses and guys like Alexandre do it perfectly, so grab Call Me Up now on Beatport and spread the word.

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