Sep 02, 2010
California Wobble
6Blocc - Legalize It (East Coast Mix)

So you say you like hard, bassy dubstep do you? Well, if you answered yes, then boy do I have a treat for you. More specifically, 6Blocc has a treat, and it’s anything but soft. Straight out of Golden Hill, California comes the deep-end dub hit, Legalize It (East Coast Mix). Being a dub producer from California, it seems only natural that one would produce a track like this. It seems like 6Blocc has been sampling the right Cali stuff, too, because this one is nuts. It starts off with seemingly appropriate riffs of reggae guitar, accompanied by the equally appropriate message to “legalize it and don’t criticize it.” Shortly after that you’re flung over the edge into a pit of super deep, body-massaging bass that hits you like a tsunami. The usual wobbly synth is added in for great effect. Add in some kick drum and reverb and you’ve got yourself one bangin’ tune.

Bassnectar has been known to drop this tune at his shows. It matches his style perfectly, and it certainly has the pounding, wobble-heavy sound that you would expect from the Bass-man. It also serves as a method of *ahem, getting his message across. I personally would go nuts if I saw him drop this one. So, if you’re waiting for California to legalize, here is something to keep you entertained until then. Enjoy.

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