Jul 04, 2010
California Gurls
Katy Perry - California Gurls (Armand van Helden)

Alright, what the hell is going on here; Snoop Dogg and Katy Perry? On an EDM track? Yes, friends, I was just as shocked as you might be. But then again, waaaaaay back in the day Snoop was super sick-nasty…and California girls are pretty fly….so I figured why not. Little did I know what Armand van Helden had in store: a super fresh disco/rap/electro/pop track. You might be saying “No, Proto; there’s no way that can possibly work out well.” Well, friend, let me be the first to tell you–it can.

Right off the bat, we’ve got what would otherwise be a classic disco beat, except we get some modern side-chain compression effects added to give it a little extra dancy thump. And can someone back me up that the “whoa!” sample sounds something straight out of Daft Punk’s Discovery album? The track starts off with a great little bit of rap which reminds me why Snoop is the legend he is, then we get a classic electro house buildup, followed by what is surely to be a drop-phrase fav: “West Coast!” Around 3:10 you’ll probably get that “I’m not so sure about these Katy Perry vocals” moment, but don’t worry–Armand van Helden gives it an EDM twist quick (read: vocal loop) enough with a great drop to assure you that they work just fine.

This is a great track to show to your friends who are kind of on the fence about EDM. You know, the ones who feel uncomfortable when they aren’t dancing to the ten Top 40 tracks they’ve heard about ten times each on the radio today (seriously–WTF?). Anyway, drop a comment if you’re diggin it.

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