Sep 04, 2010
Byrd's The Word
Danny Byrd feat I-Kay - Ill Behaviour (Original Mix)
Danny Byrd - Red Mist VIP (Original Mix) [Drum & Bass Arena]

Straight outta England comes the hottest thing in Drum N’ Bass since Pendulum’s Emmersion, it’s rising star Danny Byrd. He’s recently made his mark on the international dance charts with his new single, Ill Behaviour featuring I-Kay and has had non-stop momentum since then. Possibly the hottest DnB track at the moment, Ill Behavior takes the genre in a totally new direction. Instead of using the usual hard, encompassing sound that many DnB tracks exhibit today, Byrd has started from the ground up on this one. Colorful sounds and dazzling bits make this track stand out as an uplifting rush of energy. Every time I play it I am reminiscent of blasting through Space Mountain at break neck speeds. That’s what I love about this track so much, it’s that it takes you on a journey without ever having to leave your seat. Apparently Annie Mac of BBC Radio 1 thought so as well; she’s been championing this song for months now. Speaking of Radio 1, Byrd took flight this past week as he hit the hallowed decks of the legendary Essential Mix. It was an awe-inspiring two hours of radio; and if you liked that, here’s some more good news for you. Danny Byrd is set to release an album next month called Rave Digger. In it, Byrd will pull from his love of raves to create an album of stellar proportions. If you’re a Drum N’ Bass fan, be sure to pick this one up; something tells me it’s going to be huge.

But this actually isn’t Byrd’s first success, he’s previously reached #1 on the UK Dance Singles Chart. MC Foxy Adrok absolutely kills it on this track. His skill is masterclass, as is the beat itself. The laidback groove that progresses coupled with the slick flow of lyrics simply exudes swagger. After listening to this one, you’ll be mackin’ on beezies in no time. I predict a big 2011 for Danny Byrd. If he keeps this pace up, he’ll be up there with Subfocus and the greats in short time. Keep your eye to the sky this October as this Byrd takes flight!

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