Apr 03, 2014
But First, Let Me Take A #DICKPIC

By now, you’ve probably heard The Chainsmokers’ latest single, #Selfie. The tongue-in-cheek party anthem landed the duo the #1 spot on Billboard’s dance music charts, and the music video has 46 million hits (and counting). Its breakout success has spawned a host of imitators and parody videos, but none of them more hilarious than this music video from Zenn Films.

Like the name suggests, the video is a bro-tastic parody focusing on “members” of the less fairer sex. It also ties in with the recent viral #cockinasock craze (yes, this is actually a thing). It’s crude, scarily accurate at times, and absolutely hilarious. I could wax poetic on the merits (or lack thereof) of the video, but first, let me take a #DICKPIC.

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