Feb 20, 2014
Busy Mr. Bill Teases ‘IRL’ Instead of Getting Some R&R
Mr. Bill - The Enabler & The Enabled [Section Z]

Mr. Bill is a machine. Between constant touring, extensive online Ableton Live tutorials, collaborating with every underground glitch hop producer under the sun, and staying in touch with his fans on Facebook, he’s finally decided to be sensible with his workload–and make another album (presumably while all other obligations, relationships and hygienic considerations fall by the wayside).

Australia’s 8-bit glitch funk guru has slated the full-length IRL for release under SectionZ in March. Mr. Bill describes the release as:

“the pinnacle of my work thus far… this is the closest I’ve come to expressing what I feel like I’m trying to extract through music in terms of both how it makes me feel emotionally as well as physically.”

I find that hard to believe, considering the enormous breadth and immense detail of Collaborative Endeavors (nominated for best Glitch Hop album of the year by UK Glitch Hop, might I add), but the first track released as a sneak peek should definitely give you a good feeling. The Enabler & The Enabled lays the smackdown with heaving, electro house-style synth leads, but pulls back the machismo with whimsical touches–noodling harmonies and melodies with simple melodic mallets, keys, and synth plucks. This is standard fare for Mr. Bill… but then comes the bridge, in which vocal cuts and hyper-speed scratches accompany a stirring crescendo made for stargazing. It’s pretty moving stuff considering that most of the sounds were probably made from built-in Ableton instruments (knowing Mr. Bill).

Pre-ordering the album gets you a copy March 14, a week ahead of the official release of March 21. You can also find a full album teaser mix on his SoundCloud.

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