Dec 13, 2010
Bust a Move or Fabio Will
Fabio Karia - Pa O Pa O Pa (Original Mix) [Only The Best]

Certain songs just have “dirty” written all over them. Others are tagged up with “get crazy,” and some even are a blend of a few. This next track, one by Italian producer Fabio Karia, is labeled with straight up, 100% “BOOGIE.”

Something tells me that Pa O Pa O Pa is all about movin’ the hips, but that could just be me. It effectively uses drops and subtle effects to keep the listener involved, and the 2nd layer of beats introduced after the first minute is just sick! There’s even a sample of the classic 90s hip hop track Whoomp! There It Is thrown in to keep things interesting. Play this one for a toddler, I bet he or she will dance–the true sign of a great song if I’ve ever seen one. Hopefully this track gets Fabio some much-needed exposure, as I cannot find much information about him at all on the web.

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