Mar 31, 2013
Business As Usual for Super8 & Tab
Super8 & Tab - L.A. (Original Mix) [Anjunabeats]

As part of the label from the very early days, Super8 & Tab have a history that is almost synonymous with Anjunabeats. Over the years, they’ve managed to move with the times without turning their back on the trance style they’re best known for. Their latest release, first featured on the label’s Volume 10 compilation, is no exception.

L.A. is a brooding progressive track, but with synth lines and melodies that plant it firmly in the uplifting camp. This is what Super8 & Tab do best–mashing things up without making it too obvious. The dirty electro bassline and groovy rhythm make for what could be a great underground track in its own right, but things kick up a notch with a drop that is more suited to an apocalyptic rave. There’s a definite hint of Won’t Sleep Tonight and Helsinki Scorchin’ going on here, with massive anthemic synths designed for the peak hours and a driving rhythm to match. L.A is out now on Beatport.