Mar 09, 2015
‘Burning Man: The Musical’ Funding Through Kickstarter

Oakland-based independent publisher Thought Publishing opened a Kickstarter to help generate funds for their latest project, a Broadway musical all about the joy and discomforts of the Burning Man experience, simply titled Burning Man: The Musical.

The storyline follows a Silicon Valley techie through many tribulations during his stay at the festival’s Black Rock City to ultimately lead him to re-evaluate his purpose in life. Most of the Kickstarter funds will go to the production of a five-minute YouTube short, which will be posted the first day of the festival if the funding goal is met. If the goal is surpassed, the extra money will go towards showing a portion of the musical at this year’s actual festival.

The Kickstarter will be accepting donations until April 5 to reach its goal of $5,000. You can check out the pledge levels and make your own donation at the Kickstarter website here.

burning man musical

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