Jan 28, 2012
Burning <3
Friendly Fires - Blue Cassette (Tiga Remix) [XL]
Tomas Andersson - Washing Up (Tiga Remix 2005) [Skint]

Canadian techno legend and head honcho of Turbo Records, Tiga, has been pretty quiet in the past year in terms of releases under his own name. He has, however, been busy with his side project, ZZT, his podcast My Name Is Tiga, and running his label. Today I bring you two great remixes from the man himself, hopefully the first of many new productions.

The first is a stunning remix of the hit song Blue Cassette by Friendly Fires. I must admit, I was fairly surprised when I heard this remix; it’s so different than what I would expect from Tiga. He usually delivers very minimal and groovy productions. This one is definitely more indie, and the adventure into new territories has really paid off well for Tiga. A must have for fans of either him or The Friendly Fires. Next is a more traditional production. Remastered and rereleased last month, his remix of Washing Up is a classic-sounding track with light drums and synth. Although it might not “bang,” it makes for a nice little tune in any pair of headsets or even a lounge. Stay tuned for a review of Tiga’s soon-to-be-released remix of Justice’s Canon.