Jun 24, 2012
Burn 'Em, Bobby
Bobby Tank - Afterburn (Original Mix) [MofoHifi]
Bobby Tank - Vector Beach (Original Mix) [MofoHifi]
Bobby Tank - Wolpheus (Original Mix) [MofoHifi]

Wow. That three letter word couldn’t be more accurate when describing Bobby Tank’s new EP, Afterburn. Just released on the MofoHifi imprint, Afterburn is sure to push the Londoner’s popularity to new heights. EDM enthusiasts drawn to this EP will probably have an iPod filled with Rustie tunes, as there are stark similarities between the musical styles of both prolific producers. Bobby Tank represents a new movement in EDM–authoring songs that no longer adhere to the formulaic structure of typical computer music. Instead his tunes constantly metamorphosize, with variations and new elements being introduced ad infinitum.

Afterburn is quite a momentous work of art. To accurately describe this EP, imagine an R&B tune from the future, composed with instruments plucked from the recent past. This incongruity is what makes Afterburn so incredibly addictive. The title track has a sliced and diced vocal far too sophisticated for contemporary R&B, but is rife with old-school FM-synthesized leads and Roland ’80s clap samples. The next track Vector Beach has similar vocal effects to Afterburn, but adds a heavy helping of ’80s bass arpeggiation. The bass rapidly jumps up and down over three octaves, furiously tantalizing the brain’s auditory centers. Check out Wolpheus for a slightly subdued pace, but some serious glitch effects. If trap music is where EDM meets hip hop, then this style of music fittingly represents where EDM meets R&B.

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