Jan 31, 2014
Burial Thanks Fans With A Revealing Selfie

Further chipping away at his anonymity, Burial has given fans some pretty convincing evidence that he is, in fact, just some guy named Will Bevan, and not the secret pseudonym of Four Tet, as the oft-repeated rumor hypothesizes.

The enigmatic London producer posted a thank-you message to supporters in his corner of the Hyperdub website, along with an uncharacteristically clear and upfront photo of his face. Finally, a new image to replace those two hoodie-cloaked photos that we bloggers have been recycling for a good five years now.

In his post, Burial reveals that he hopes to release some new music in 2014, but that the impending release of the video game Dark Souls 2 might keep him from getting much work done. You heard it here first, folks: Burial is an easily distracted nerd just like the rest of us. Read the full text of his message below:

Hi this is will, I just want to say thank you to anyone out there who liked my burial tunes & supported me over the years. its really appreciated. Massive thank you anyone who got my records & all producers, DJs, radio stations, labels, shops, writers & journalists.. anyone who played my tunes, gave them a listen, or helped me out with it, made me want to keep going with it. Also shout out anyone who sent me tunes, messages, anyone I met along the way & a big shout out to anyone who supports or does independent & underground music.

I want to do some new tunes this year to send to my boss Steve and the label because they’ve been going 10 years now and have stuck by me. Hopefully by the end of most years I have done some tunes that are decent enough to release. but Dark Souls 2 is on the horizon soon so I’m not sure if I will have many new tunes for a while because I need to play that game a lot. But I’m going to try to get some new tunes together before it comes out.

Also I want to go and find some old tunes I did that still sound alright and never came out.. It would be nice to finally put some of them out on vinyl one day.

Also I want to tell my Mum my Dad my brothers and my sister that I love them to bits. Big shout out to the UK & everywhere else. Cheers & respect to everyone and anyone…be safe & take care


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