Jan 22, 2015
Burial Is Back Again With ‘Temple Sleeper’

The UK’s enigmatic producer Burial follows up on his November release with another single, Temple Sleeper, this time on Keysound Recordings.

His latest tense, brooding soundscape serves as his return to Keysound after taking an eight-year leave that dates back to his remix of Blackdown’s Crackle Blues, originally released in 2006 and re-released in 2011 on Beatport.

His previous single, 2014’s all-new Lambeth, saw Burial continue at his home of Hyperdub on the label’s 10-year anniversary compilation roughly a year after they released his Rival Dealer EP. All things considered, his latest marks a newfound quickening of pace for the very private producer and should offer fans a bit of hope who’ve been waiting for his output to stabilize.

Stream Temple Sleeper below, available now in vinyl and digital formats here.

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