Oct 07, 2014
‘Bump & Grind’ To Le Youth’s R. Kelly Remix

When king of cool Le Youth lends his suave touch to a track, the outcome is always fabulous. When the track in question involves R. Kelly, the result is the sexiest combination of R&B and dance imaginable, as proven by his new spin on Bump & Grind.

The original track’s nostalgic chorus remains, but Le Youth reworks nearly every other aspect of the tune to transform it from a sensuous, R&B slow jam to a fiery, energetic club banger. The Los Angeles-based producer infuses the track with a vibrant bassline full of explosive synths and choppy vocals, giving it the perfect dance makeover.

Check out more from Le Youth on SoundCloud, and if your body’s tellin’ you yes, purchase his Bump & Grind remix on iTunes here.

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