Jan 26, 2012
Bump & Grind
Jon Convex - Bump & Grind (Original Mix) [Convex Industries]
Jon Convex - Closer (Original Mix) [Convex Industries]

After solo outings on Nonplus, [NAKEDLUNCH], and 3024 last year, expectations are understandably pretty high for any new Jon Convex material, especially when you factor in the monumental Instra:mental LP with partner in crime Boddika. It’s fortunate then that Jon kicks off his new Convex Industries imprint with Bump & Grind and Closer, a pair of dancefloor-calibrated bass cuts that stand as some of his best and most bruising music from the past twelve months.

The A-side is absolute gold from the outset. The drums sound impossibly crisp as they clatter beneath robotic gurgles of melody and fractured, unearthly vocals. Closer is a fraction less aggressive, but only a fraction. There is a brushed synth interlude where the samples are allowed to wither and decay, but this oasis is bookended by more punishing technoid rhythms.

Convex Industries may be here for the long haul, but Jon hasn’t abandoned his previous allegiances. As well as a mysterious and much whispered about compilation he’s putting together for the Nonplus label he runs with Boddika, his next solo outing will be back on Martyn’s 3024. Peep LessThan3 on the regular for updates!

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