May 11, 2014
Building ‘Bridges’ With BROODS Remixes
BROODS - Bridges (L D R U Remix)
BROODS - Bridges (ASTR Remix)
BROODS - Bridges (HIGH HØØPS Edition)

Peter Jackson isn’t the only one making noise in New Zealand.

A pair of indie-pop siblings collectively knowns as BROODS has caused a ruckus lately, thanks to a passionate and emotive style of music and downright heavenly vocals from lead singer Georgia Nott. Much of their newfound recognition is due to Bridges, the breakout single off their recently released self-titled EP. Never heard of it? Well, you’re in luck, because we’ve got three hot little remixes for you to listen to.

While the original is soft and sad, Sydney-based electronic producer L D R U transforms Bridges into a tropical trap typhoon bursting with dark and sexy undertones. Blissfully thunderous, the remix is a sweeping, cerebral affair that should please fans of Flume and Cajmere Cat.

On the other side of the fence is New York’s ASTR, who take a page out of Viceroy’s handbook with a bouncy, ’80s-era tropical remix. The powerful and dreamy vocals are still here, but they’re now supported by striking melodies and an infectious beat.

Last, but certainly not least, is a remix from fellow NZ countryman HIGH HØØPS. He speeds things up with a series of sweet, summertime synths and a set of funky drums, and the end result is nothing short of magic.

No release date is yet announced for the remixes, but grab Bridges and the rest of the BROODS EP here.

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