May 13, 2013
BT Rants At Robinson

Long-time DJ and producer Brian Wayne Transeau aka BT took to Twitter today to lecture the younger generation about loyalty and humility. His inspiration and focal point for the “rant?” Porter Robinson.

Apparently, Robinson and Transeau became friends roughly three years ago while Robinson was just starting out. Transeau heard his music, befriended him, and began sharing his material with “anyone that would listen.” They collaborated on some of BT’s tracks, and the two developed a relationship just around the time Robinson began to attract large-scale attention via his Lady Gaga remix and subsequent tour with Tiesto.

As his star burned hotter and hotter, Robinson became “more reclusive,” according to Transeau, who labelled his attitude “too cool to interact.” To make things harder, Robinson contacted Transeau and informed him that the music they’d been working on together wouldn’t be finished due to lack of time and inspiration.

Transeau said that he’s noticed a similar “self focused & selfish” mentality from a large number of young producers in the game today. He continued by sharing his story of “comeuppance” involving DJ Sasha as an invaluable mentor and advocate, saying that he vowed to “pay it forward” once he became famous, an attitude he said is lost on the younger generation.

BT clarified that he still has a great deal of respect for Robinson, calling him a “real talent,” and that he still hopes his music will be heard by everyone, because “it’s awesome.”

Robinson did not comment publicly.

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